A new sketch comedy show at The Siren Theater

Wonderland is the all-new sketch comedy show from the creators of The 3rd Floor, Sweat and Shirts and Skins.

Wonderland explores the worlds of Enormous Lunches, Face Blindness, Exotic Desserts, The Pointer Sisters, Turn of the Century Cures, The Irish, Complex Amenities, Notaries, Grand Juries, Kokomo and Aging Mothers.

Starring Katie Behrens, Lori Ferraro, Stacey Hallal, Laura Sams & Janet Scanlon

Written by Jason Rouse and Lori Ferraro with Ted Douglass Produced by Jason Rouse and Ted Douglass

Directed by Jason Rouse

Friday - Saturday nights at 8pm
June 2nd-24th The Siren Theater
315 NW Davis St.